Brugh na Boinne

Louise Borst-Borreman  (August 2015)

When on holidays in Ireland as a child I would stay with my aunt and uncle, Barbara and Con Bradley, in Newbridge, County Kildare. They always had a Wheaten bred by Maureen Holmes (at the time I had no knowledge of that of course). From day one I fell in love with this dog. I loved the colour and the sheen of his coat and the specific touch (sensation) when going through the coat with my fingers.  Moreover Finn was a very loveable animal. So you could say I know the breed since a “yard made a coat for me” (10/12 years of age).   I just did not know they were called Wheatens!

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Villa Rosas Kennels

What first attracted you to ISCWT?
Their lovely temperament and the wonderful coat did totally capture our hearts immediately.

How many years have you been involved with the breed?
29 years; since 1985.

Are Wheatens your original breed?
No, we had Afghan Hounds, Smooth Collies and Bouvier des Flanderes when we saw a Wheaten for the first time at an International show in Malmö in March 1985 but since 1999 we have only had Wheatens.

In your opinion which is the best wheaten owned or bred by you?
It is hard to pick one since there have been so many wonderful dogs with their own personality during the years, like "Mister" our first homebred Wheaten to become champion.

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My grandmother, Eva Corander, imported the first ISCWT to Nordic countries from Ireland in 1963, so I've grown up with the breed. Our first wheaten, Geijes Wheaten Crecora, was born in 1966, but she was never able to have a litter. Sometimes I wonder how our wheaten breeding would have gotten started if things had gone differently. Together with my sister, Mia, we have continued breeding in Kennel Geijes. We also breed Kerry Blue Terriers, but we have divided the breeds between us, one breed per sister. I bred my first litter in 1986. I consider it my calling to preserve the wonderful Irish Wheaten Terrier in the most original form I can.

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