The Essence of the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier


The ISCWT should have a strong Terrier expression showing a keen interest in their surroundings.

This is achieved as follows:

Dark eye and nose:

Ears that are medium in size that have the fold level with the skull and are carried close to the side of the head with the tips pointing to the corner of the eye. A small ear carried high on the head gives an incorrect “cute” expression and low dropped ears make the expression too soft.

The Skull should be flat and clean between the ears. The Colour of the head and ears should be a clear wheaten colour. However red shading on the base of the ears is allowed accompanied by a light wheaten overlay. Ear colours that vary from this such as black, blue or grey do not give the correct impression of the breed.

Coat and Colour:

As puppies ISCWTs can have differing coat textures and colours. This varies from little or no coat to a more abundant single coat. Their colour can be fawn, golden, or red with or without grey or black tips to the coat and can be harsh or soft in texture. Only puppies are permitted to have black shading on their beard.

There are differing levels of maturity in ISCWTs and so the coat texture can vary slightly until after at least 2 ½ yrs. No matter what stage of maturity an ISCWT should always have a single coat. Adult dogs can have either a wavy or loosely curled coat with a sheen of silk. Dogs that have their coats fluffed out or overly trimmed like a Kerry Blue do not depict the essence of the breed. An ISCWT’s coat should be abundant but not overly so i.e.the coat should be at least 3 inches long. The coat can be cut close around the head and neck and the body hair tidied to the outline of the dog. An ISCWT’s coat should have a sheen or gleam radiating from it under natural light.

The colour of the ISCWT should be a good clear wheaten of shades from light wheaten to a golden reddish hue. An Adult ISCWT should have no black or grey markings on any part of their head or body.


An ISCWT should be at all times moderate and no part of them should be exaggerated. They should be of medium height and not overly big. They should be the same length from their withers to tail as they are high. This Height to length ratio is not to exceed 19 inches. They should be well muscled, be well boned and active. Their movement should be an easy action that covers as much ground as possible with the least amount of effort whilst maintaining its profile.

Photos of Desirable Type