Wheaten Walks

We have enjoyed several Wheaten Walks in recent years. We are now in a routine of an early Summer and an Autumn walk which are really beautiful times in Ireland. We've even have had a few sunny walks!

The walks are really about meeting pet people and having a chat with them, all the walks are well supported with about 25 or so people there. It's a great way to keep in touch with everyone. Please keep an eye out for a date you can join in!

Upcoming Events

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Feb Online 14:00 (Your local Time) Valentines Event See more details here

The 28th of November 2021 - Lisnavagh House and Gardens, Carlow 

Snow was expected but it held off for a lovely fresh walk through the Lisnavagh Gardens.  After the walk we sat around the fire with our tea, coffee and cake to catch up!  We had a couple of hopeful Wheaten Terrier owners join us to do a meet and greet with this gorgeous breed.

The 25th of October 2021 - Newtown Abbey Loop Walk (Trim Castle)

We got lucky with the weather today, the sun was out to play!  It was great to see regular walkers and so lovely to welcome so many new faces after a long break due to COVID.  

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Oct 2021 Wheaten Walk
Oct 2021 Wheaten Walk